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I recently saw this in any of my edits in the “editor stats”:

user1176409 had 95 edit suggestions approved, 10 edit suggestions rejected, and 0 edit suggestions canceled.

I was surprised when I saw the “suggestion canceled”. I didn’t see that before, I think maybe it is a new feature.

Question: What is this “suggestion canceled” used for? Is it not the same thing as “suggestion rejected” (i.e. Does “suggestion canceled” count towards the “edits ban”)? Can anyone clarify?


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"canceled" suggested edits happen when a suggested edit conflicts with a unilateral edit made after the suggested edit was made.

This is a recent change; it went live yesterday as part of the "Community Asks" development sprint.

In theory, these shouldn't count toward a suggestion ban. If you notice that they are for some reason counting towards a ban, a bug report is probably in order.

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