On SO, the tag seems to be used for two different things:

  1. Discussing the using keyword in C# and a few other related issues
  2. Not knowing what the tag field is for; e.g. questions "tagged" [validation] [using] [struts2], or [printing] [list] [using] [haskell].

The second use of seems to be less than useful. Should I go in and remove the offending tag in case 2, or am I nitpicking?

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    Yes, you should. – perbert Feb 23 '10 at 19:52

Should I go in and remove the offending tag in case 2

Yes, please!

am I nitpicking?

Nits are annoying, nasty creatures that are to be dealt with harshly. So yes, and it's a good thing.


Anytime you see that the OP doesn't understand tags (random sentence entered as tags), then please fix it.

The help about tags talks about "Combine multiple words into single-words", but there are clearly some non English-speakers who don't know what that means.


Yes, you should, and while you are at it, if you had the rep, put the text into shape.

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