Awhile back I remember it was possible to give your limited number of votes for one or another proposed feature.
And it was a nice easy scrollable list of all the suggested features.
Does that still exist?


You are probably thinking about the Stackoverflow Uservoice page. MSO now replaces Uservoice. Use the tagging system here to find different combinations of feature requests and bugs:

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    Ha, I bet you're right. I'd forgotten about the limited number of votes and nice list attributes of that service. It's not half bad - at least it forced them to complete or close highly rated requests, where here they may linger forever without official comment. – Pollyanna Feb 24 '10 at 19:18

Here you go:



Yes, the service is here:


However, as noted on the service itself, it has been replaced with a stackoverflow-like site here:


The list of highest voted requests is here:


The list of highest votes requests that haven't been implemented and aren't declined is here:


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