I have a question about using the front-end (stats viewer) of Google Analytics. On which of the three sites, if any, can I ask it?

(The question is how can I cross browser stats with OS stats to see how many visitors use IE on XP)

Edit: I actually found the solution now, but it would still be good to know where to post this kind of thing.


I agree that it wouldn't be suited for a site in the trilogy

Perhaps on Google Analytics Help Forum?

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Currently, the best place is Webmasters.SE.

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Actually, there is no site in the trilogy where you can ask that kind of questions at this time.

That's why I have suggested to create one.

There is a chance that you'll find a site here where you could ask your particular question, but for anything generally web-related, no such thing exists right now.

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I agree with fretje to check the list of stackexchange sites at https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4/list-of-stackexchange-sites

I would recommend in particular the following two stackexchange sites:

http://inbound.org/ (questions about Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Blogs)

http://answers.onstartups.com/ (startups questions, many people there know about google analytics and the question should be well received)

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