This is not affecting me in any way :). But I am just curious to understand the reason behind it. Sometimes when trying to up-vote an answer from '0', I get the following state:


On clicking the up-vote button again, it's displaying properly. Is it a bug? If not, why is it coming only sometimes and not always. I am seeing this in both IE8 and Firefox 3.5.8.


That's because you didn't click on the up-vote arrow, but a little lower on the number of votes.

What you're seeing is a new feature that got implemented (actually it isn't that new anymore).

It's only available to users with more than 1000 rep though. Maybe that's why you only start seeing it now (or recently)?

  • Yeah... Got it.. Thanks! I can only find it in my SO account(am over 1000 there only) and not on SU or MSO. – vpram86 Feb 25 '10 at 9:39

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