I accidentally deleted my C# tag, but when I re-added it and clicked on it to get a list of questions tagged C#, I noticed the # was not URL encoded to %23, so I only saw questions tagged c.

  • I didn't understand at first, but this only occurs for the Ajax-added tags; after a page refresh the encoding is fine. Note that after adding a tag, doing a View Source (or Inspect Element) may show <a href="/questions/tagged/c%23" ..>, but actually clicking the tag reveals that indeed the percent-encoding is missing... – Arjan Mar 9 '10 at 23:26

I was able to reproduce this (I use Google Chrome 5, if that is of significance). I noticed that my existing C# tag is encoded correctly, but any new tag added that contains # is not encoded.

It also happens (as would be expected) with other characters such as { or }.

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