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Why do you block Opera Mini?

I've been using Opera Mini to visit these sites pretty constantly ever since I joined (although most posting has been done via a PC). However, ever since Feb 19th I've been unable to access any of them - it just times out. Access via an online proxy (such as Bypass That) within Mini works fine. Is it possible that this relates to the behaviour of Opera Turbo observed in this comment (which has a major overlap with how Mini works)? The only reference I can find to Mini itself being blocked is the first comment on this question (although the question itself is of no relevance).


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I guess, they blocked by IP address of high traffic, My Opera Turbo fails from Mid Jan, so yours might be different IP address.

PS: I've solved this by setting up my own proxy in a web hosting


I've since discovered that the 'block' appeared to be localised. The Mini servers are hosted in different locations around the world, and I was unable to access the sites via Mini while in Asia (which would use the China-based servers). Now I'm in the UK, Mini works normally (presumably as the Norway servers haven't been 'blocked', if that's what it was).

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