I'm not sure where to ask a deployment question, Stack Overflow or Server Fault. It's kind of a crossover question.

I need to be able to sort out the server requirements for deploying a click once app. I thought that my server had all the required attributes, but I am having issues, which sort of implies a serverfault.com question. However it's very likely that only a .NET dev would be able to answer me.

Where do you think I should ask my question?

  • lol - I asked this 4 years before the other one. Maybe that one should have been marked duplicate. – Tim J Mar 19 '19 at 2:40

I think this is pretty clearly a StackOverflow question. The people on ServerFault may run the servers that the app's being deployed to, but I don't think many handle deployment issues.


There's no reason you can't ask on both sites - simply state you've asked in both places. (This has happened several times that I can recall) At worst you'll get two different audiences giving you possible answers. However as Jeff pointed out - try one first and if you get a lukewarm response, then try the other site.

If you think it's something a .NET dev would be able to answer - ask on StackOverflow first but there is a lot more overlap between Server Fault and Stack Overflow than you would think.

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    I would not encourage this -- ask first on whichever site you feel is most appropriate. If after a few days the reception is lukewarm, then try the other site. – Jeff Atwood Jul 10 '09 at 10:34

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