I'm using myopenid.com. It worked perfectly on all of SO websites, but now i can't login into carrers.

I'm getting: Unable to log in with your OpenID provider:

The signature verification failed.

I tried so far:

  1. clear cookies
  2. different browser (Firefox and Chrome)
  3. different website (stackoverflow.com works, careers.stackoverflow.com does not work)

OpenId provider logs show:

Approve for http://careers.stackoverflow.com/users/authenticate


I cannot reproduce the problem. I logged out of careers, then logged in with my personal openid (phpmyid hosted on my domain) and it was fine.

Vista, Firefox 3.5.8, phpmyid 0.9.

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Is it the same OpenID you're using now?

also, see:

Can't login to SO with openid - The signature verification failed

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