Please take a look at this answer to this question. In the answer, I am suggesting that the OP take a look at some code that exists in the Linux kernel to use as an example, in particular drivers/watchdog/softdog.c.

This brought up a minor dilemma as I was considering editing my answer to make the file reference a link. Should I link to the raw file (the content of the link will change over time, possibly out-dating my answer) or should I link to the revision tip of the file that I was referencing, which again may obsolete the answer if the file changes significantly?

While yes, softdog is unlikely to move much, it is a question worth asking. How do you handle linking to files for example purposes that are also under version control and likely to change?

I realize that SO is heavily edited, but I don't think any system exists (or could conceivably exist) to ensure that answers remain current and accurate.


Link to the revision as it was when you posted your answer, and mention the fact that you've done so in your answer. I'd rather have an out-dated answer, clearly flagged as such, than an answer that links to some line in a file which is no longer what the answer was talking about.

  • Yeah, best way to go. Thanks :)
    – Tim Post
    Mar 15 '10 at 17:24

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