When the Interesting/Ignored tags feature was first added, the preference to hide questions was in the sidebar.

I liked this, since most of the time I don't mind the questions just being greyed out.. but there are times I want them hidden. Having it enabled all the time seems quite.. destructive (from my view as a user - obviously it doesn't actually delete anything)

Current I have to go into my profile, into my settings, click the option and navigate back to the page and reload, just to toggle this..

Seems quite a lot of clicks, especially given that the questions are hidden using Javascript (if I'm not mistaken)..

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    Seems like a good thing to write a userscript for... – Tom Ritter Jun 29 '09 at 1:43
  • Hmm.. Perhaps a javascript bookmarklet might be enough... I'll have a play tomorrow – dbr Jun 29 '09 at 1:45

That was easier than I thought! Hurray for jQuery.

The following are bookmarklets. Make a new bookmark (in your toolbar), give it a name and change the URL to the javascript: code

SO/Hide Ignored

Hides any questions with ignored tags.


SO/Only Interesting

Only shows questions with interesting tags


SO/Show All

Undoes either of the above


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