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Is allowing voting and accepting answers on closed questions best practice?

I'm curious what people think about being able to vote on a question that has been closed? Should it be allowed, or once a question is closed should all voting cease?

Case in point: When's the best day and best time to post a question to Stackoverflow.com?

Question closed and some tool (I won't mention names) makes a comment after its been closed. I retort in jest and apparently I hurt her feelings and as a retaliation she down-votes my answer.

So what do you think, should voting continue on closed questions?


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The accepted answer isn't always the best or even correct. The community needs a way to say which answer is best even after an answer is accepted.

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Yes, the community still needs to rate questions and answers after they're closed.


So long as the question has not been deleted and therefore is still viewable by the world at large, I believe there is still value in capturing votes, since it will still affect how answers are sorted for that question.

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