I realize, per this meta thread, that a recalc is soon happening for everybody -- any way I can tell of it has already happened, for myself or any other user?

Looks like it may have happened for Jon Skeet -- he's 160K right now and I'm pretty sure he was around 144K earlier today (I track "half of Jon Skeet's rep" as a pragmatic watermark for "Stack Overflow Elite";-). Mine, however, seems to still be 79.3K (so, by not dramatically changing via the recalc, it's "dropped" below the magical "half of Jon's rep" watermark;-), while, per the rep-report, I should have 88.3K (above the half-of-Jon's-rep watermark again!-). So I think my recalc hasn't happened yet.

But, how can I tell? In either my own case, Jon's, and others'? Any suggestion welcome, thanks!

  • No idea how they're ordering this, I have a lower user ID than Jon's but still no recalc. – Kev Mar 21 '10 at 5:50
  • @Kev: Marc explicitly did a rep calc for himself and me. – Jon Skeet Mar 21 '10 at 8:11
  • @Jon - ah gotcha. – Kev Mar 21 '10 at 8:46
  • It seems to be rolling through the sites right now. – Ether Mar 22 '10 at 0:39

I will announce more on the blog on Sunday; even for the users who "have" a recalc, it's not quite right since it has bugfixes but not the +5 question dynamic.

Although it is true that for the referenced users, the question vote reduction is not going to matter a whole lot as they get the vast amount of their rep from answers anyhow.

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    OK, tx, can't wait for it to be Sunday (less than an hour to go, here in PDTland;-). – Alex Martelli Mar 21 '10 at 6:06

Blame me. I kicked off a few manually last night. As noted this doesn't include the 5/10 q/a - but that isn't a big factor for page 1. I believe that the rep-report should indicate where you are currently (88341). I can do a pre-emptive recalc for you if you like.

Edit: to avoid confusion, I finished page 1 column 1. So of course while all of us fully understand that rep is meaningless, and would never spend any energy or even button-clicks tracking it, we now all know where (on that scale of meaningless) we sit ;-p

I've checked, and a recalc on column 2 would not shuffle anyone into column 1, so I've stopped there.

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    Thanks Marc, yep I see column 1 all renormalized now, thanks! – Alex Martelli Mar 21 '10 at 16:06

There have been several good suggestions made to notify users after their rep has been recalculated.

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