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Well, I realize this has probably been asked a googol times but I'm going to ask anyways, because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Can we please have latex support for Stack Overflow so those ugly pseudo code lines or proofs of algorithms can start looking presentable?

I often answer math-related programming questions on SO, and so pretty much every answer I post I feel a distinct lack of latex. For example: Finding the intersection of 3 spheres.

Before someone responds "those people really should be asking those math-related question on Math Overflow" let me ask you "have you ever visited Math Overflow and read any of the questions?" If you ask a question like that on MO you will be immediately closed for asking a trivial question. Math Overflow is designed for mathematicians, not for the lay man. Though I feel Stack Overflow would benefit greatly from latex support simply because of readability reasons.

Moreover, since MO already implemented latex support, it is a solved problem and just a matter of asking them how they did it. The amount of effort required to implement this should be minimal.


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LaTeX is nice, but ASCII Unicode art isn't that unreadable either

       x² + y² = r₁²
   (d-h)² + h² = r₂²
                  /       ( r₁² - r₂² + d² )²
⇒          h =   /  r₁² - ———————————————————
                √                 4 d²

(and you've missed a factor of 4 in the answer.)

  • The problem is that expert LaTeX users can type something that look nice in a fraction of the time needed to do a nice ASCII artwork. Writing a single McLaurin series expansion on SO is a PITA, let alone writing some math passages to someone in order to explain him a math-related algorithm. Sep 14, 2013 at 22:54

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