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Any way to send a personal message to another user?

Similar to the side discussion here the ability to "chat" or initiate some sort of contact with another user would be handy at times. I've had 2 occasions already where my best answer to a poster was "email me a link... and we can work out this issue" where some wonky IE-only HTML/JavaScript issue was occurring on a site but the sample code posted didn't repo the problem.

Of course this opens up the spam issue... so I posted a comment with a tinyurl... to a google search query that included my email address so the user could contact me (but hopefully the spam bots would fail at scraping)... then as soon as contact was established I'd delete the comment that contained the link.

If however, when I post an answer to a question... if I could tick a box (off by default) that would allow the poster the option to "Allow poster to email you"... then I could happily provide better 1-on-1 nitty-gritty debug help without exposing my contact details to anyone... (unless I wanted to)

The simplest implementation would just send the email to me with a reply-to set to the poster, or a more robust system would include some on-site chat option similar to PM's on message boards.

Addition: I should note that the original question/answer on SO was updated with the applicable details once the solution was figured out so that others would gain from the info. I suspect this would be the same with other questions posted in the future.

PS "new users" not being able to create tags kinda sucks... I couldn't tag this question appropriately at all :-(

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