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Remove highlighting for an “Interesting Tag” on Tags landing page (since they are all highlighted)

I signed up for Stack Overflow the other day and so far everything's great.

I have two primary flows with the site, outside of asking a question:

  1. Read the "Most recent questions" page, looking for anything of interest.
  2. Click on a tag with which I am familiar, looking for questions I may be able to contribute to.

I have added [python] and [beginner] to my interesting tags list, and the highlighting this provides is very useful during flow 1. It is not so useful when I click on [python] for flow 2 purposes, for obvious reasons.

It is not only silly to look at a full page of highlighted entries when I obviously already know they will have a given tag; it is an active loss of a useful feature - any articles tagged both [python] and [beginner] will not be differentiated visually, when clearly it would be nice if they were.

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