When searching for questions tagged C++, it works fine:

When searching via the search bar, typeing "C++ OR C#" yields the following URL, which is incorrect (matches "C# C++"):

When attempting to enter the search directly into the URL, the following shows up as "C blank OR C#":

But this one yields the correct search results:

I believe (though I could be wrong) that the latter two should yield the same results, and so should entering the query via the search box.


Bug with single character tags in urls

General rule:

  • if any of the tags contain a plus, use space to delimit them.
  • if none of the tags contain a plus, you can use plus or space to delimit them.
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https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/C%23%20C%2b%2b by searching [C++] [c#]

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