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Confirmation dialog for deleting a comment does not appear twice

I got a comment on this answer I posted earlier. I posted one quick reply comment, then another one a few minutes later with more information, and was about to post another follow-up minutes after that. Instead, I decided to merge all three comments into one large comment.

So I posted the large comment — the only one that's visible to <10k users now — and went to delete the original two. The first one went fine; I clicked the little red icon, got a "are you sure you want to delete" JS-type popup, selected OK and the comment went poof. I then immediately clicked on the red icon for the second comment, and got the colored rectangular "you may only submit a comment vote every 5 seconds" popup. After waiting five seconds, I clicked the red icon again, and the comment went away with no JS-style confirmation popup.

I see two potential bugs here: first, the system thought my deletion attempt was a vote attempt, and second, the system didn't give me a "confirm this deletion" choice. I know comment votes aren't the most important thing, but it could be a symptom of another problem. Is this the intended behavior? "Not a bug" seems plausible to me, but it seemed odd enough to be worth reporting.


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Deletion is in fact a vote.

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