I asked this question on Super User and my question was closed as off-topic. Can anyone please help me determine where I should ask this question?

Here is the question:

"On their presentation of "Google App Engine" Google team members boldly said: "You write a code and we will run it for you". Then the "Google App Engine" was launched and it still does its job quite successfully - "Google App Engine" runs millions of applications of different sizes belonging to different users completely free!!!

Now, here is the question: Do You know of any alternative to GAE? Have You ever even heard of any such service out there that would run Your Python code for free?"


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The existing answer to this question is no longer correct. Now that the Stack Exchange network has welcomed Web Applications to the family, there is a place for your question. There's a whole tag just for "is there an app that does ..."-style questions, actually.

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Unfortunately... there's nowhere to ask this. SuperUser, for better or for worse, only allows questions on software you install and run on your own PC. I imagine as web software becomes even more prevalent this may be revised.

If your angle is a "I'm programming and something doesn't work on GAE...", then StackOverflow might take it, but unfortunately you've hit that grey area that the trilogy just doesn't cover.


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