I just asked a question on Stack Overflow, and then ended up migrating it to a Stack Exchange site other than the ones in trilogy. But now I can't say "belongs on miscellaneous non-trilogy stackexchange site" when voting to close. What should I do?

  • On all non-Meta sites in the network, you can now vote to migrate to any one of (up to) 5 predefined target sites, one of which is always the per-site Meta.

  • If none of the available target sites are suitable, you can still close as simply "off topic."

  • Diamond moderators can migrate a question to any site in the network (flag for moderator attention and state your case).

  • The predefined migration paths are SE staff controlled, but if a community can make a convincing argument to add/remove sites from the list, the list can be changed.


Probably best to simply close as Off Topic for now.

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