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How to get the question which awarded me “Necromancer” badge?

I've just got my second Necromancer badge on SO and for the life of me I can't figure out what answer it's for. I don't have any recent answers to old questions as far as I can see.

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    Not a duplicate. While that question is a feature request this is a support request that will possibly turn into a bug if nobody can provide an answer.
    – EMP
    May 5, 2010 at 7:49

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That's probably the one, answered more than 60 days later, and with 5 upvotes.

Since it's a CW, this is probably why you haven't noticed the recent upvote on it.

For information, you have only two answers which are matching the condition, and the other one has 15 votes, leading me to think this is the one which gave you the previous necromancer badge.

  • Yes, I think that's the one. I forgot about CW.
    – EMP
    May 6, 2010 at 0:38

Maybe you gave the answer earlier, and recently got the fifth vote. Necromancer answer requires atleast 5 votes.

Maybe one of these. I didn't check carefully, at least answer date was far from question date in these:

You get badges also from Community Wiki posts.

  • I can't see any such recent votes, either. I only have a handful of answers with 5 votes or more and I can't find any among them that were to an old question.
    – EMP
    May 5, 2010 at 7:48

I often find them quickly by sorting the answers on Views and then checking the post date of all 5+ voted answers. Older topics have generally more views, you know.

I just checked your answers and indeed, the second and third 5+ answers when sorted on Views are both eligible for Necromancer badge.

It also occurred once to me that a fresh new topic was merged with an older topic, which caused that my 5+ voted answer is technically 60+ days older than the merged question.


I think I got a necromancer badge after answering a recent question, getting 5 upvotes, then that was later merged into an old question as an exact duplicate, so my upvoted answer was moved to the old question. I'm not sure, but I can't figure out what else could have happened. Is this a bug?

My answer is: How do I check what version of Python is running my script?

  • Now that you asked a proper question about it, please delete this post which is not an answer.
    – Gnoupi
    Jun 11, 2010 at 9:17

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