When you go to your recent page, example for me:


You get a date range for the past few hours, like this:


However, refreshing this page later or the next day, etc is counter-intuitive...it would be nice if there was a "today" option that translated to something like this:

//or another idea from someone smarter :)

In the second example day 0 would be today, -1 yesterday, etc. Alternatively, it could have 2 parameters, allowing startdate and enddate to either be integers or dates, integers being relative days...or something else entirely, but a relative option of some sort would be useful.

This would allow refreshing, additionally I think clicking on "today" should take you to this relative links that's actually today...since currently clicking "today" on a page you left up last night doesn't really do what you'd expect, it loads a new page with "yesterday" highlighted.

Update: Second Related Issue

At certain times of the day, it seems that the default date range is not very useful, for example around 2PM EST (18:00 GMT) the Summary page (http://stackoverflow.com/users/recent/{id}, no params, e.g. mail icon link) becomes (by default) empty. For example, right now I have this range and current time:

  • Range: 2010-05-20 18:04:27Z to 2010-05-20 23:59:59Z
  • Current Time: 2010-05-20 18:09:23Z

I think the default range algorithm needs a tweak, showing the last 5 minutes isn't very useful :)


Seeing as we now break this down by day, let you link to any page, and highlight changes as they happen in real-time, calling this one .

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