Following on from my earlier question (solved, thanks!), I still think perhaps the wording in the How does “Reputation” work? FAQ entry about linking accounts is wrong.

It seems to me that

  • the site you are linking FROM must have at least 200
  • the rep in the site you are linking TO will be boosted by 100 (not the one you are linking FROM) (I could be wrong here, I don't know what happens if the one you are linking to already has 200+ rep)
  • it should be OR not AND. The current wording sort of implies that you need to link to all 4 to get 100 bonus rep points.

I suggest this wording instead:

  • Linking accounts between Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User and meta from any account with at least 200 reputation: +100 reputation on each site linked to

This reflects my recent experience, at least. Whether it is the desired behaviour is up to people other than me :-)


Well, you have 100 rep and you should be able to edit the FAQ itself, if you like.. as it is community wiki. Per the /faq:

Amass enough reputation points and Meta Stack Overflow will allow you to go beyond simply asking and answering questions:

100 Edit community wiki posts

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  • Ha! Good point, will do. Amusingly, I didn't have enough points rep until I got the site linking around the right way. – whybird May 22 '10 at 10:47

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