After some rep threshold on SO, I noticed that the bubble tips were gone, that remind one to accept upvoted answers or upvote accepted answers.

However, when I switch to SU, SF or meta, where I didn't reach the threshold so far, the balloon tips are back again, but this time, they're really annoying, because they don't add any value for an experienced user.

Therefore I suggest, if a user has coupled her accounts, that she isn't provided the balloon tips, if her rep threshold is high enough on any of the sites.

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    Yes!!! I just wanted to ask for the same, but found this existing question. Imagine Jon Skeet coming to Bicycles SE and asking a question. Then he upvotes an answer and sees a hint about accepting it. "Well, thank you, Cap" - he will think. Any user with high enough rep already knows how to play this game, hints are useless and only distracting to them.
    – sharptooth
    Oct 27 '10 at 7:06

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