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Electorate, Pundit, etc badge progress

I'm a-gunnin' for the 'electorate' badge :)

  • Deleted my answer suggesting to look at your user-page, since you only see the number of total votes there.
    – Peter Lang
    May 21, 2010 at 10:31

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It might be by design, but I'd say why is it by design? Or more specifically, why is a more detailed view not available under the hood somewhere? Whilst splitting things up on the user profile page might cause clutter, I can't really see a downside in having this information available somewhere even if it's just hidden away from the casual observer.


I don't think you're supposed to know. Jeff doesn't want people to "be gunnin' for" any specific badge. I've seen him say (somewhere around here) that a badge is supposed to be a surprise. The intended reaction of the user when a badge is received is "Oh, cool! Another badge!", not "Finally! I've been working on this badge for a long time!"

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