TL;DR it's like letting you specify Texas, but not Houston. Since Houston is big enough to specify, employers will assume you don't live there if you didn't name it

In the Location field, Pécs, Baranya, Hungary gets corrected to Baranya, Hungary.

On the other hand, Pécs, Hungary gets corrected to Mecek Sabolc, Pécs Hungary.

The following things are wrong with that:

  • It's spelled Mecsekszabolcs, and it doesn't exist since 1947, in fact this is the first time I've heard this form
  • It's called Szabolcsfalu since then, and is now a part of Pécs
  • Pécs is a city, not a county
  • Pécs is the fifth largest Hungarian city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and won the title European Capital of Culture for 2010, and is therefore more notable (and correct) than Baranya

Mecek Sabolc actually looks like the Serbian spelling. Google has 6500 hits, all mentions presumably originate from the same database, every location mentioned is in fact in Pécs, and most hits are twitter-facebook-type spam.

For reference, here's the full list of possible search terms for this geographic region (in the looking-for-programmers context):

Pécs, Baranya, Hungary
Pecs, Baranya, Hungary
Pécs, Hungary
Pecs, Hungary

In light of this and the other problems people are having with Location, would it be feasible to have a checkbox saying [ ] Don't correct me, I know where I live?



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