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Is the Critic badge badge awarded prematurely

A story and a question...

I pressed the +1 arrow next to an answer on someone else's question before realising it was wrong. So I pressed the -1 arrow, thinking this would cancel out my +1. It didn't, it took one away from the original score, so I pressed up again and then learnt that I had to re-press 'up' to undo it.

No problem, I've learnt about the interface and how to use it during this simple exercise.

The bug/feature/other odd behavious was in fact that I was then awarded the Critic badge (for giving negative feedback). Perhaps it's intentional, but it seems odd to be awarded a badge for something I didn't commit to do (it was undone less than a second later). Can users gain all their badges by clicking things once and then undoing them?


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Most badges aren't gotten that way, this is an edge case in that you can undo it. If you're worried about getting the badge "unfairly", don't be. It's only a one-time-awarded badge, though some users are happy to not have it...

The interface has been discussed before on Meta, I won't repeat it. Suffice it to say it makes sense to some people but not others.


I did a similar thing early on with an edit and got a badge. Emailed the team about it and it was pretty much "Yeah, that'll happen from time to time".

I was cool with that. In the vast majority of these cases (if not all) the badge would have come soon after the error anyway. Not a big deal.

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