There has been a lot of discussion about great on-topic and off-topic questions for a proposal. Joel's latest analysis shows that Area 51 has improved the process of selecting these great example questions. This seems to be the easy part as it is normally obvious whether a question is on-topic of off-topic.

When (or where) are the questions that fall in the gray area going to be voted on or discussed?

It seems like these questions should be discussed/explored before opening the site up so there is somewhat of a consensus in the community before these types of questions get asked.


During the beta period of a proposal an associated Meta site will be created where all of the ins and outs of everything can be discussed.

See here and here.

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I think people are fooling themselves if they think that the community will not evolve over time and that the lines can be drawn beforehand.

It seems like the effort is a bit overboard with respect to question definition.

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