When I create Persian IT proposal, I wrote a blog post about it and asked people to join and support my proposal, now Persian IT have more than 140 members, most of them with 51 reputation point.

They are just not active, maybe because they don't know how to use system (don't forget we are talking about non-English users who can't read FAQ or other English guidelines) so I think sending email to new members, you know like some kind of newsletter, may solve this.

So in short is there any way to interact with new members?, I'm looking for something like meta site (like meta.stackoverflow.com)

Also another question behind this sending email/meta site feature for area 51 is: Except for those edit/delete permissions which anyone can earn with enough reputation is there any moderation tools?

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Have a look at this answer. I think it has very valid points about why there are a "lack" of these tools. You are trying to define on and off topic questions at this stage nothing more, I don't see why you want these other tools? If you want the site in Arabic so users can read the existing FAQ then you should make a post asking for that.

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    Thanks for your reply. Our site is in Persian language. There are three phases for each area51 proposal: define, commit & beta. Defining on-topics/off-topics is just phase 1, also as I said I'm looking for a way to interact with members, newsletter was just an example.
    – Hamed
    Jun 11, 2010 at 5:41

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