I posted a question on Server Fault, and looked at my profile to realise that I only had a 75% accept rate. So I went through looking for which question/s had missed out.

It turned out it was this one: Set up basic Windows Authentication to connect to SQL Server 2008 from a small, trusted network

Since the only answer was unhelpful, I went to downvote it. There was no indication that I'd placed a vote previously (no up or down arrow overlaying the vote counts) - yet when I clicked the "down" arrow, I received a message saying "You last voted on this in April, you can't change your vote unless it is edited." But I haven't voted, as far as I can see!

alt text http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8213/voted.png

  • I downvoted it for you! – Carson Myers Jun 13 '10 at 7:54

You voted at a earlier time and then canceled your vote. The system still retains the record of your vote.

  • isn't it un-wanted behavior? – Hoàng Long Feb 18 '11 at 17:55

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