I was trying to find an older answer of mine to this post on SO:

Purpose of private members in a class

I more or less remembered that it was about private members, so I ran a search for user:265143 private - the post was not found.

Then I tried user:265143 member - again without success.

Finally user:265143 private member turned up what I was looking for.

The list of results contained 11 posts for the first query and 19 for the 2nd, so the result lists are not supposed to be paginated. Also, I copied the search terms as they appeared in the Search box after the search returned, so I guess this is not an issue of a word being turned into a tag, as in this post, or omitted, as in here.

This is quite possibly a duplicate, but I just couldn't find any original - please let me know if there is one.

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This works in the new search system, several search related bugs were resolved when we moved away from SQL full text search.


Interestingly, searching with quotes (as in user:265143 "private" or user:265143 "member"), or a plus sign (as in user:265154 +private or user:265154 +member) show your post.

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