As the title states - what's the deal? Did close votes just start being added? Are the ones that are there only there because of some transient experiment?

Example Query

I'm pretty sure that a few more than 1806 close/reopen votes have been cast in Stack Overflow's history, and that at least some of those happened before May 28, 2010. There only seems to be 4 days worth of results, from May 28 to May 31, and curiously they're all at midnight (or maybe the time of day isn't being stored).

Can anyone explain this to me? Have I just misunderstood the schema perhaps?


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Per Jeff's answer here, close votes auto-decay and are hard-deleted after 4 days.

The close votes are also stripped of their time. This is part of the anonymization, and it is documented in this question, specifically by Jeff here.


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