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How about making it possible to set up bounty on someone else’s question?

Much like high rep users have the ability to edit questions. Give high rep users the ability to piggyback on a question and offer a bounty for the answer.

That way:

  • A question that, otherwise probably wouldn't get enough attention now has a much better chance of being answered with the right (or sufficiently better) answer.
  • Questions that are really worth answering but fall off into obscurity can be resurrected by the political boost (of both bounty offering and attention and from a reputable user).

Maybe you thought of a good question you'd really like an answer to, but someone else got their first (and creating a duplicate question adds to the problem) but that specific question is a question that would really scratch a personal curiosity itch.

I'm not sure what a high rep user editing a question currently does to help it (other than bringing it back to the forefront of fresh questions) but what if you could also throw down a bounty to up-the-ante on answers.

This would be win-win for both the original question-asker and the piggy-backer. It would also provide an opportunity to draw attention to bring about a better answer.

It would promote 'good behaviour' by encouraging high rep users to ressurect and improve already existing questions over creating new near-duplicate version of dead questions that needs answering.

[Optional] Badges related to piggybacking to encourage its practice

  • Charity A silver badge given when a user piggy backs on another user's question and offers a bounty to answer it. Resulting in an increase by 5 upvotes

  • Philanthropy A gold badge given when a user piggy backs on another user's question and offers a bounty to answer it. Resulting in an increase by 15 upvotes

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