Yesterday, I saw that some of the proposals I am following on Area 51 went into the commitment phase, so I quickly committed to them, as I want to participate in them. Unfortunately, as I am currently traveling, I was unable to write a comment for each commitment at the time.

My questions are:

  • Does not including a comment affect my possibility of participating in the betas of those sites?
  • Can I somehow add a comment now (or revise my "no comment" comment)? I'm considering the possibility of uncommitting and then recommitting.

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Allowing users to add/edit their comments after the fact sounds like a reasonable idea.

The comment does not affect your ability to participate in the Beta phase. Anyone can participate in the beta phase. It's public.

For now, un-committing and re-committing should take care of your immediate concern.


I urge every one committing to leave a commit comment, explaining ...

Why are you supporting this site, and how will you contribute to it?

That really does help the community figure out which sites are going to succeed, and why.

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    This really doesn't answer the question. The OP is trying to do exactly that. Jul 19, 2013 at 7:53

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