While waffles and unicorn are sometimes amusing, they are also noise shadowing serious issues. So I suggest a separate place for them, with the user-option to still display its content to be shown at meta for "relaxation" or similar.

(that's my reply to a similar request)


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The only purpose for this that I can see is getting the non-serious stuff out of chat, comments, Programmers SE and Meta SO. This would be a lose/lose situation, because

  • the only value in the sites comes from getting all the non-serious stuff moved
  • you'll never get all the non-serious stuff moved, so there's no value to be had
  • by eating up people's time and energy for no useful purpose, these sites would actively hurt the "real" sites
  • the people who do play along will get annoyed at people who don't, and vice versa; we already have one eternal war going on courtesy of the subjective/objective camps, we don't need another one

Not to mention that these sites wouldn't exactly be making positive contributions to the general fund of human knowledge. And yes, I realize you initially proposed this before chat and Programmers existed.

  • Yes, you make a perfect point. Maybe the less-abusive Fourth place idea is an improvement... Sep 30, 2010 at 8:37

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