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Popup alert overlapping bug

When you click on the up or down vote button on your own post, you get a warning message as expected.

However, if you click again, and subsequent times, without dismissing the warning in between, in effect lots of identical copies of the same warning popup are stacked on top of each other, even though it only looks like one.

Then, when you try to dismiss that "one" warning by clicking on it, it doesn't appear to work and the site may seem broken, because the click may have only revealed an identical warning below it (and there may be others).

Warning messages should not be allowed to exactly overlap each other. Some possible solutions, the first of which is probably best:

  1. Make sure only one warning can be visible at any time; if another warning is triggered, remove any existing visible ones from the page first. Or:
  2. Make sure subsequent warnings are positioned so as not to overlap existing warnings. Place further warnings below or beside existing warning popups or in a "cascading" manner. Or:
  3. A combination of the two. No two warnings should have identical text, but allow multiple warnings with different text on them, making sure that subsequent ones are positioned not to exactly overlap.

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    I believe this is in fact a duplicate -- the issue is minor and the new drop shadow gives enough indication about what's happening. – Jeff Atwood Jul 6 '10 at 19:22
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    Jeff, this is about the same warning overlapping itself. The new drop shadow clearly does nothing for this situation because the upper warning is the same shape and position as the one it covers. The lower warning, and its shadow, are invisible. That's why I created this as a separate question. – thomasrutter Jul 28 '10 at 4:36

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