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Should proposing a site have a higher threshold?

Some of the newest site proposals suggest their proposers have not only not used SOFU before (which is ok) but they also don't seem to know about it (which is a pity), see e.g. .NET Framework and Java Platform Micro Edition. I suggest a minimum rep of 75 (i.e. a connected account or a verified email plus at least 5 on-/off-topic votes for useful definition-phase questions).

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First, I think those proposals die before they reach beta. And if, by chance they make it, they'll not attract a community that is big enough to keep the site alive. So sooner or later, all questions from those sites would be migrated to SO anyway.

  • well, there's Ubuntu and Unix & Linux, both overlapping each other and most likely a subset of SU, yet they are in commitment-phase – Tobias Kienzler Jul 13 '10 at 16:06

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