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Bring back the podcast

Any thought of bringing back the podcast? I miss the once a week dose of Jeff & Joel.

Update: still missing it


I posted this on the blog, but I'll repost it here: I really miss the podcast. If Joel doesn’t want to continue with it, there are now plenty of other valued associates that can continue in his place. I, for one, would like to hear from the new hires, what they’re working on, etc.

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    I even want to hear Robert Cartaino talk about the community and building great sites! – C. Ross Sep 6 '10 at 0:48

The following answer was originally posted here by Ray Vega

According to Joel, it appears that the podcasts will be returning:

In the coming months you’ll see several amazing things that Alex has started doing, including the resurgence of Stack Overflow DevDays, the renewal of my podcast with Jeff, and an amazing thing, still secret, involving unicorns.

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