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Would it be a ton of overhead db-wise to add the tagged-ignore-hidden class to questions directly in the HTML source? This way they can instantly be hidden through:

<script>document.documentElement.className+= 'js';</script>
<style>html.js .tagged-ignore-hidden { display:none; }</style>

And this way, they don't briefly flash and then hide since that rule is immediately applied.

Or maybe if this adds a ton of overhead, have a autodisabled user preference that will do this server-side logic for certain users and not others, so "regulars" can have this added benefit of no flash hide?

  • What's the purpose of adding the js class? – Michael Mrozek Jul 14 '10 at 1:14
  • To style certain components in a certain way if JS is enabled. If there is no JS, the js class wouldn't exist. The other bonus is any css rule containing it INSTANTLY hides the elements. – meder omuraliev Jul 14 '10 at 1:30
  • @meder Ah, makes sense – Michael Mrozek Jul 14 '10 at 2:02
  • by "hides the elements" I obviously meant if it was display:none. This is a workaround for display:none through JS. – meder omuraliev Jul 14 '10 at 2:13
  • I believe the reason this is done pure client side is that the lists of questions are heavily cached so they're not unique per user/request. – Alconja Jul 14 '10 at 4:15
  • This is essentially a different way of asking for this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/69874/… – Jon Seigel Dec 20 '10 at 0:25

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