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Should I ask a question I know the answer to?

I just spent a few hours solving a problem, but it wasn't on StackOverflow. StackOverflow seems like a good place to post the result, but since it's already answered, it isn't really a question any more. Is it still ok to post the question and answer on StackOverflow, or is there a better place to do that?

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    I can't imagine this would be a problem. Others might really appreciate it. – Ami Jul 15 '10 at 20:57
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    meta.stackexchange.com/questions/17463/… contains general advice for what to do if you have a question you know the answer to and are considering asking it. Generally, let other users have a shot at giving an answer before you accept your own. Whether you provide your answer from the get-go or wait a few days for that, that's up to you, but it's always good to see if someone else can answer the question first. – Grace Note Jul 15 '10 at 20:59

You're encouraged to go ahead and ask the question and answer it yourself if it isn't already on Stack Overflow somewhere. Do a search first, but ask and answer away if you don't find it.

Note that you'll even get the Self-Learner Badge if your answer is upvoted 3 or more times.

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I guess it's okay to post it here.

It's the "blog" part of Stack Overflow (see about page)

blog part

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You can always post the question and if you don't get the response/answer from someone else right away, you can then post the solution yourself as an answer.

Just make the question/problem statement real...

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