Do we have recommended tags for obvious spam or offensive questions, like this one? For now I retagged it to [spam] just to get it out of the [java] view, but then I saw, that the [spam] tag is used for serious questions concerning spam too.

Removing all tags is not possible so even spam messages need at least one tag...

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Just flag it for moderator attention and it will be deleted, no need to go changing the tags

  • The question was closed, flagged, now even locked and deleted. But it was one of those rare questions that could be put just out of sight. Jul 16, 2010 at 9:20

First of all, questions that will be uncontroversially deleted aren't a big concern. (Delete votes can be cast two days after closing.)

They should, however, still be tagged appropriately – plus what appears uncontroversial to me and you maybe actually isn't, and some questions (i.e. not this one) might end up staying. Tagging [java] does little harm here, as the tag is so popular that this question will get lost in it, but [untagged] is a candidate just because the system requires at least one tag. (I've been planning to use [untagged] for exactly this situation, but haven't yet found a situation where I could think of nothing else.)

In general, tags are inappropriate for the intention or purpose of the poster rather than the content ("meta tags"), with how the question should be closed (e.g. [offtopic]), and where the question should be moved (e.g. [belongs-on-*]).

  • [untagged] is a nice idea. That's close to my first intention to just remove all tags, because no programming-related tag was appropriate (which isn't possible). Usually (~99.5%) I just flag the message and leave it alone. This is really just for some really rare oaccasions. Jul 16, 2010 at 9:27

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