I'm aware of the SOFU policy on "flagging users" (you don't, you flag their posts instead, and hope a keen moderator takes notice of the user's bad patterns).

SOFU Policy on Flagging Users

Flag abusive users
Function to flag users as spambots
How to flag users

Has the policy changed at all on Area51?

If so, how can I flag a user for constant badness?

Also, when I flag bad posts of this likeness, does it actually create any movement towards this user? (What I mean is, because Area51 is new and growing, when a post is flagged, what actually happens? Is there any process in place to halt these badly behaving users? )

Also, as an aside, who are these moderators on Area51, are they part of the StackExchange team? As a high rep user, I see no power tools aside from deletion votes & editing.


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