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How many on or off topic votes does a question need to count against questions needed now?

I currently have 60 followers on my proposal and it says I need 5 on-topic and 5 off-topic questions. I have 31 submitted questions - 9 have more than 5 "on-topic" votes and 5 have more than 5 "off-topic votes. How many votes do I need to have for a single question to be on-topic and off-topic?

Also, is there a way this information could get added to the Area 51 FAQ? It seems like it should be in there, along with all of the guidelines for moving between stages.

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As described here, To be marked on-topic you need:

  • At least 20 on-topic votes
  • At least 4 times as many on-topic as off-topic votes

It's the reverse for off-topic.

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