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Ctrl+Shift, Ctrl+Alt keyboard shortcuts in the WMD editor

Closely related to this bug (CTRL-[Letter] and CTRL-ALT-[Letter] collide), there is another small glitch to fix in the WMD editor:

The keyboard shortcuts of the WMD editor work like CTRL-[Letter]. However, the state of the SHIFT key is not checked, so that CTRL-SHIFT-[Letter] invokes the WMD editor shortcut as well.

This leads to collisions, for example in Google Chrome:

  • CTRL-I – WMD shortuct for "Italics"
  • CTRL-SHIFT-I – Google Chrome shortcut for "Developer Tools"

Consequently, invoking the Chrome developer tools from within the WMD editor area is not possible.

Other browser- or OS-specific key combinations might be affected as well. To avoid such collisions, editor keyboard shortcuts should work only when pressed exactly as advertised.

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