I understand that a separate thanks isn't useful for answers to your questions, but in comments, you're often asking a specific question of one particular person (as opposed to anyone who reads your question and has time / inclination / ability to answer), so it seems that a thanks is more in order.

I could just up vote the comment, but how would the commenter know that it was I who upvoted the comment and not someone else?

It seems more human to leave a comment, but it seems better for keeping the noise to content ratio low to merely up vote the answer comment.

What are your views on this? Not leaving a final, Thanks! comment just seems so cold.... even though, leaving it definitely increases the noise to content ratio.


"Thanks!" is too short anyway; you'll have to add something else to get past the comment length checking, so why not make it something meaningful?


  • Thanks! That worked great!
  • Thanks! That didn't work at all, but it did help me recognize an unrelated mistake that was causing the problem.
  • Thanks! I'm still lost - how do you make a function in C again?
  • Thanks! Your solution blew up my house and killed my dog. I don't recommend anyone else trying it.
  • Thanks! Your last comment was directly responsible for the destruction of The Universe. I never liked it anyway.
  • Thanks! I was afraid I would have to ask a separate question, but thanks to you the solution to my second problem is now locked away in a hard-to-find comment thread!
  • 10
    |||||> @blah - What does "rm -rf /" do in your script file? |||||> @peter - Nothing. It's a comment. |||||> @blah - Thanks! I really want to thank you in person. What's your address? – Peter Ajtai Aug 2 '10 at 1:23

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