From the Area 51 progress tab, it is apparent that there are 13 current beta sites, 12 of which are public.

https://stackexchange.com/ links to SO, SF, and SU, MSO, Stack apps, and the 9 oldest public beta sites.

This appears to be a bug - the list should include every public beta, and has not been updated to include the new three in the past 6 days.

The complete list is present at the bottom of every beta site.

If this is not a bug, please change the tag to status-bydesign and answer the question which logically follows:
What is the criteria for a public beta to become a member of the list at http://stackexchange.com?

The listed sites are older, have more questions/amswers, and have more users than the three (Tex, GIS, and Home Improvement) which are not. However, there is no clear distinction between the two groups.

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    They really should just be using their API to pull that information.
    – jjnguy
    Aug 4, 2010 at 16:06

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There's a new version of StackExchange.com coming very soon. We jumped the gun a little bit by pushing the new link to it before the new site is out. The new version will pull the list of sites from the API appropriately.

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