How can I vote for tag synonyms?

For example, I want to downvote the ecmascript synonym (I won't discuss the why here). I looked at the javascript tag info page, which told me:

Users with more than 2000 reputation can suggest and vote on tag synonyms. Suggestions will be automatically approved when they reach a score of 4, and automatically deleted when they reach a score of -2.

Well, I do have a rep of >2000 and I see a suggestion box, but I can't click on the ‘vote’ text, nor do I see any voting arrows or something like that.

After clicking on see all tag synonyms », I get a way too cumbersome page to navigate through. I have to browse through all synonyms in the database. Luckily it's right there on the third page. But I still can't vote those tags up or down; I can merely click on them, in which case I'm redirected to the ‘master’ tag's page.

I know you don't want the voting to be too easy, but this is really horrible.

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You can only vote on a synonym proposal. For example, there's currently a proposal to map [ms-word] to [msword], so on the [msword] info page you can see the ms-word proposal, along with upvote/downvote arrows to weigh in:

Screenshot of the [msword] tag synonyms proposal http://mrozekma.com/so-tag-synonyms.png

Once a synonym has been accepted, it's in the system and there's no way to vote it out; you'd need to post something on the per-site meta requesting that it be removed


Once a synonym proposal reaches 4 upvotes it's accepted by the system and voting is closed.

Conversely, once a synonym proposal reaches -2 votes the proposal is torched by the system.

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