I just registered at english and was going to post a little bug report on meta.english concerning the look of the site.

But then, I read the questions already posted there, and there were literally no questions regarding the technical stuff. Instead, they discuss what's appropriate on the site, etc.

So, just wanted to double-check. What's the current policy for posting technical reports? Should they belong to the corresponding metas, or should they be posted here? Given the way the stackexchange site are created, both options make sense to me, so not sure.


If it's specific to the site itself, it should go on that meta; if it's part of the engine and affects all the SE sites, it should go here. Something about the look of the site probably belongs on the site-specific meta, although I don't think they have much control over that until the site leaves beta

  • Ok, done that yesterday. 2 views so far :(
    – GSerg
    Aug 16 '10 at 8:55

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