It's been a while since I opened a bounty on one of my questions, and I didn't realize that accepting an answer would not also award the bounty. After what just happened (see below) with a bounty I opened on this question, I've got it figured out (head→desk).

Since the bounty was auto-awarded, the author of the answer I intended to award only received half the rep. Can a moderator give him another 50 rep?

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    How about 5 of us go and up vote the answer?
    – James
    Aug 18, 2010 at 19:51
  • Good enough for me.
    – Matt Ball
    Aug 18, 2010 at 21:12
  • Since then, the software has changed again: accepting an answer during the bounty period (assuming the bounty was set by the asker) causes the bounty to be awarded. Aug 6, 2013 at 11:02

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As far as I know, No

Moderators cannot take away or give reputation to any user, except through a rep recalculation. The only people with the power to do this would be the developers, and I am not aware of any cases where this had been done.

However, according to the bounty FAQ, you should be able to issue a second bounty, which you can then allocate a second time. This should allow you to resolve the problem, but you will lose some more reputation.

  • I remember reading another bounty question a few weeks ago that stated that the devs changed a bounty award one time, but I don't know the circumstances. Will search, but someone will probably beat me to it (Grace Note, lookin' at you...).
    – Pops
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:26
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    I really shouldn't have to look up things that are linked from your asked questions, @Popular. The one you're referring to is this question, brought up by this one, which I grabbed from here.
    – Grace Note StaffMod
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:28
  • Diago, you can issue a second bounty after one has been awarded, yes. Check out this demonstration.
    – Grace Note StaffMod
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:30
  • @Grace, but you did anyways for some reason.
    – Pops
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:35
  • @Popular Because I'm nice ♪
    – Grace Note StaffMod
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:38
  • 3
    It should be possible to reverse/nullify the first bounty award, so it can be redone in the 100% fashion rather than 50%.
    – Ether
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:41
  • @Grace, is that why you glared?
    – Pops
    Aug 18, 2010 at 18:47
  • It is possible to refund bounties only while they are running.
    – mmyers
    Aug 18, 2010 at 19:39

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