Either in the related questions list (with very high weighting) or in a separate list, it would be useful to show questions that link into the currently-viewed question.

  • That's neat. <<15 char filler>> – R. Martinho Fernandes Jul 16 '09 at 15:56
  • This would be a nice feature. It helps when looking for an answer, and will reduce the duplicate questions! – Nicolas Irisarri Jul 23 '09 at 15:56
  • would you also include links from comments? – waffles Dec 22 '09 at 4:07

In addition to seeing posts that link to other posts, it might also be useful to see external links and/or search terms. I have several posts that, for whatever reason, seem to get a steady stream of upvotes and I'd like to know how people are finding them.


I agree. I was about to post a request to support linking questions together as a form of "follow-up questions" but decided that it would be overly complicated for something so simple (or, if you like: it breaks the KISS principle.)

Your suggestion is more intuitive though.

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